Mental Health Projects:

Pringmill Media Corp. recently consulted with a nonprofit organization in the field of mental health. We created a series of instructional videos that will be used in the training of mental health professionals.

"Healthcare Systems," a feature-length documentary:

We are halfway through production on a documentary that is tentatively titled "Healthcare Systems." This documentary compares and contrasts the many different healthcare systems that have been implemented throughout the world. The film searches to find a systemic design for healthcare that is both equitable and economically rational, in which access isn't restricted and services are provided effectively.

"Marina," a TV pilot:

"Marina" tells the story of Sammy, a young woman living on the sailboat that she inherited from her grandmother. The show is plotted around a strong female protagonist, and it tells her story with honesty and humor.

Trailers for all of these film projects will be posted in the next few months.


If you believe that films matter and can be used as a tool for social change, please donate today! Through our current documentary projects, we're raising awareness about mental health issues, and exploring ways to improve healthcare for everyone.