We create socially-conscious media projects. We strive to make a difference by presenting information in compelling ways, and telling stories in a distinctive style.

Today, there are missing voices and untold narratives. There are ideas that aren't being shared. But where there is a lack of something, there is also great potential.

At Pringmill Media Corp., we are interested in media and messaging in all its forms. We believe that effective communication is the prerequisite for all progress, on all fronts. As a very small and new startup, we face practical limitations and obstacles. But by carefully selecting all of our endeavors, with rigorous attention paid to the social and commercial implications of each and every project, we believe that we can make change and inspire it. We are consulting on multiple projects, and advancing an array of causes. Please check out our content, and if it resonates with you, please help to support these causes and to tell these stories.